Our Story

Our story

100% organic, no HPP, no pasteurization, dairy free

Our Produce

All of our ingredients come directly from certified organic farms—fresh from the fields. If it’s not organic, we won’t press it! 

We strive to use local produce whenever possible in order to reduce the amount of miles the produce needs to travel. We use produce that don't contain harmful pesticides which is why all of our fruit and veggies are organic and GMO free. We believe that health is wealth, so we want to serve PURE (and fresh) quality.


Mantaining The Freshness

We offer juices that have been pressed the same day. In order to make sure we are providing the freshest juice, our ingredients are delivered fresh every day. We make a batch daily and if we run out, the next batch comes out the next day. 

From our lovely farmers to your 100% recyclable glass bottle—this is the only way to provide the freshest and best juices in the world. 

Try it for yourself!


Our state-of-the-art juicers—hand crafted here in the U.K.—use two-stage process to make juices: 

  1. shredding the fruits and vegetables into a pulp; 
  2. using a hydraulic press to squeeze all the juice out. 

Our production does not involve any pasteurization or High Pressure Processing (HPP). We produce only 100% raw and organic juices. One sip and all your senses will awaken.


We want to do our part in caring for planet and creating a sustainable future. That's why our bottles are made of 100% reusable glass. We try our best to stay away from plastic—there's enough of it in our world. 

Whether you repurpose your bottle, recycle it, or bring it back to us, you are re-using and doing your part! Besides, there's no better way to have juice than in a glass bottle.


We sell online and in store. Our online store is built to stasfy all your needs and make you purchases quick and simple. 

Our physical store is located at 50 Bedford Street in London.

We are passionate about juicing and are here to help. You really matter to us—we appriciate every suggestion or comment you have! 

If you are in London, please visit us!

It is so much more than just organic juice. They have all types of organic food as well!

Highly recommended!

by Ella Jones

Our Way

Try drinking one of our juices—once a month, once a week, every day, and see how you feel.

We make sure to complement your diet with more fruits and veggies that not only taste so good, but also change the way you feel inside and out.

Enjoy it!

August 11, 2019 —