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Maximise your daily greens intake with this bundle. You just got out of yoga class. You’re hot, sweaty, tired and need a pick-me-up. Alkaline Green Goddess is the obvious choice oh and we can’t  forget—it may help boost your immune system if you drink it every day.

Low in calories - this bundle features our popular green juice Alkaline Green Goddess which has only 50 calories per bottle.

100% plant-based
100% certified organic
100% cold pressed juice


Alkaline Green Goddess
cucumber (55.6%), kale (22.2%), lime (11.1%), ginger (5.6%), parsley (2.8%), and coriander (2.7%).

What is this juice? 

It is a 100% cold pressed juice which is certified organic by Soil Association.

It is a blend of cucumber (55.6%), kale (22.2%), lime (11.1%), ginger (5.6%), parsley (2.8%), and coriander (2.7%).

100% cold pressed greens. To the point, raw and crisp. Health in a bottle!
#greens #greenjuce

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