Becoming our franchisee comes with some key benefits—providing you with a proven business model, a brand that already has great visibility, a carefully crafted vision and marketing strategy, along side the support of highly trained professionals ready to guide you through the whole journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is rather simple—spread the healthy juices and foods while helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams! We aim to have flagship stores nationwide and bring our concept to all parts of the UK. We created a straightforward and easy welcome procedure. All the steps we created will lead us to getting to know you better and prepare you for your future business endeavours. After long hours of online meetings and phone conversations, you will be invited for the introduction day, when you will visit our Covent Garden flagship and have a chance to meet our team in person. #meeting


Our goal is to get you prepared for opening your own PLANT store. In order to do so, before opening the doors of your store, you will attend our in house school. During that time, we will teach you everything you need to know about running a successful hospitality business. #plantschool
You and your team will spend some quality time learning variety of things—from making coffee and selling juices, to managing inventories, hiring staff, and taking care of finances. #training

Our Products

New business owners tend to struggle coming up with branded final products ready for massive distribution. Fortunately for our franchise partners, we are in control of creating all of the final products that are sold across our stores. We are also in control of #distribution and we will make sure to supply you on time. Our industry experts constantly work on creating new delicious recipes that are available to our customers across all our stores.


Let’s be clear, just opening the doors of your new store won’t necessarily bring you a desirable effect if nobody has heard about it. Fortunately, as your franchiser, we will make sure to spread the word about your new store using cutting-edge marketing strategies performed by our marketing professionals. We work hard on building brand awareness. Besides using the traditional marketing channels like newspapers, magazines, billboards, tv and radio commercials, we put great value on our online community and constantly stay active on social media— from Instagram to Twitter and more. #follow #like #tweet

Blog Posts

#celeryjuice - PLANT


One of the most popular juices nowadays is undoubtedly celery juice. Celery juice became trendy after the Anthony William's Celery Juice Movement. For regular use, it is recommended to drink about 600ml of celery juice a day. For greater benefits, celery juice consumption should be increased to up to 1000ml a day.
June 16, 2021


What a great week behind us guys! We successfully launched our partnership with CrossFit Putney and made our premium organic Kombuchas available there. CrossFit Putney is a training environment like no other; CrossFit, Conditioning, Strength, Yoga, Weightlifting, or Gymnastics, they’ve got it all in their state of the art newly open training facility in Putney.
June 01, 2021
5 Hacks to Keep You Up and Running #onthego - PLANT

5 Hacks to Keep You Up and Running #onthego

As a business owner, I always find myself wondering how to keep my life together How do I stay in shape, try to do my part to save the planet, and eat healthy, all while running a business. Well, here's my recipe; I have come up with 5 quick hacks for super busy people like me who still want to be healthy and still juggle multiple tasks.
May 30, 2021