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We launched our wholesale division in 2020 to offer the industry's highest quality and most recognisable organic cold pressed juices nationwide. If you're looking to become one of our stockists, please apply now using the button below. #juicewholesale

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As a wholesale account holder, you can stock our best-selling products, at a competitive price point. #b2b #stockist

100% organic

We’re committed to providing only 100% certified organic products which are considered both healthy and helpful when it comes to supporting the overall well-being of our environment. #eco


We’re committed to providing an ever expanding variety of plant-based products. We strongly believe that a plant-based diet may boost your immune system and benefit your overall well-being.

Direct To Consumer

Besides our flagship stores, distributors, and partners, we have a thriving e-commerce business that enables us to deliver juices directly to our customers nationwide. #b2c


We press only fresh fruits and veggies in order to extract all the wonderful juicy goodness! Remember, we do not heat our juices in order to keep all the nutrients intact. #rawjuice


It’s rather straight forward with us—all of our juices go from farm-to-bottle in as little as 2 days. Furthermore, we use about 1.5 kilos of fresh, nutrient-rich fruits & veggies in every bottle.

Brand Integrity

We deeply care about the integrity of our brand and the products behind it. Therefore, we only use real, 100% certified organic and locally sourced fruits and veggies. #verified


We are the UK’s leading cold pressed juice brand. All of our juices are freshly made from 100% certified organic fresh fruits and veggies. We apply high pressure processing to ensure the safe consumption while keeping the same best taste, all nutrients, and the added bonus—longer shelf life.

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#celeryjuice - PLANT


One of the most popular juices nowadays is undoubtedly celery juice. Celery juice became trendy after the Anthony William's Celery Juice Movement. For regular use, it is recommended to drink about 600ml of celery juice a day. For greater benefits, celery juice consumption should be increased to up to 1000ml a day.
June 16, 2021


What a great week behind us guys! We successfully launched our partnership with CrossFit Putney and made our premium organic Kombuchas available there. CrossFit Putney is a training environment like no other; CrossFit, Conditioning, Strength, Yoga, Weightlifting, or Gymnastics, they’ve got it all in their state of the art newly open training facility in Putney.
June 01, 2021
5 Hacks to Keep You Up and Running #onthego - PLANT

5 Hacks to Keep You Up and Running #onthego

As a business owner, I always find myself wondering how to keep my life together How do I stay in shape, try to do my part to save the planet, and eat healthy, all while running a business. Well, here's my recipe; I have come up with 5 quick hacks for super busy people like me who still want to be healthy and still juggle multiple tasks.
May 30, 2021