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Maximise your daily greens intake with this bundle. Green juice is one of the biggest health and wellness trends of the decade. You could boost your immune system if you drink green juice every day. 

Low in calories - this bundle features our most popular green juices where a bottle of Alkaline Green Goddess has only 50 calories and a bottle of Green Goddess has only 74 calories.

100% plant-based 
100% certified organic
100% cold pressed juice


Green Goddess
Green apple (23.8%), spinach (19.8%), kale (15.8%), pear (12.9%), lemon (11.9%), lettuce (11.9%), coriander (2.0%), and parsley (1.9%).

Alkaline Green Goddess
Cucumber (55.6%), kale (22.2%), lime (11.1%), ginger (5.6%), parsley (2.8%), and coriander (2.7%).


6 x Green Goddess 
6 x Alkaline Green Goddess


DRINK YOUR GREENS! The more greens you drink the more lean you get! Enjoy our green bundle inspired by our two green best sellers Green Goddess and Alkaline Green Goddess—they’re both super delicious, healthy, and under 100 calories per bottle.


295ml x 3
100% organic raw
cold pressed juice

This is a blend of green apple (23.8%), spinach (19.8%), kale (15.8%), pear (12.9%), lemon (11.9%), lettuce (11.9%), coriander (2.0%), and parsley (1.9%). #plantjuice


295ml x 3
100% organic raw
cold pressed juice

This is a blend of cucumber (55.6%), kale (22.2%), lime (11.1%), ginger (5.6%), parsley (2.8%), and coriander (2.7%). #greenlife #freshjuice

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One of the most popular juices nowadays is undoubtedly celery juice. Celery juice became trendy after the Anthony William's Celery Juice Movement. For regular use, it is recommended to drink about 600ml of celery juice a day. For greater benefits, celery juice consumption should be increased to up to 1000ml a day.
June 16, 2021
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What a great week behind us guys! We successfully launched our partnership with CrossFit Putney and made our premium organic Kombuchas available there. CrossFit Putney is a training environment like no other; CrossFit, Conditioning, Strength, Yoga, Weightlifting, or Gymnastics, they’ve got it all in their state of the art newly open training facility in Putney.
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